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Plot Purani Jeans is a story of the hustle bustle of the fashion industry and the way we live our lives. The film showcases the way of working in the Bollywood Industry as well as the glamour of it. The journey begins with Tushar who comes back to his hometown seeking an answer to his dilemma and meets his old childhood friend Anil. Anil who is now a C.M.C.C. chairman is a very high-profile business tycoon in the fashion industry. Tushar is offered a job by him and he soon comes to know that he has gone to a place where he can make a big difference. He enters the world of fashion and how things become tough for him as he does not fit into this world as he was brought up in the traditional way. Will he be able to fit in the world of the high-profile people that he is now working with? Cast Tushar as Tushar Aditya Seal as Anil Rati Agnihotri as Rati Izabelle Leite as Shalini Manoj Pahwa as Suman Soundtrack References Category:2014 films Category:2010s Hindi-language films Category:Indian films Category:Directorial debut films Category:Films featuring an item number Category:Fashion-themed filmsBidoon A bidoon is a person with the usual mental and physical disabilities that make it impossible for him or her to engage in a normal way in the culture and society of his or her home country. Bidoon may also refer to: Religion Bidoon or Bohum, a radical sect in Sunni Islam Salafism, as practiced by the movement commonly known as "Salafists", who consider the societies and cultures of their ancestral homelands, the first generations of Muslims, and the early Muslim rulers they were affiliated with as the perfect human society and as the foundation for modern society. Politics Bidoon (Jordan), the Palestinians living in Jordan Bidoon, term of contempt used to refer to native indigenous citizens of the Philippines by some Filipinos Bidoon, the historical inhabitants of India's North-East region Other Bidoon movement, or Bidoon society, the unhistorical category which comprises people who are considered outcasts or disabled people living in the midst of their society Albidoon, a set of




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HD Online Player (free 720p Lekar Hum Deewana Dil Movies Download)

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